Sepelias Undone

OR…. Green Dragons Suck

Welcome to Our World!

Sepelias is the High Kindgom on the continent which informally uses the same name. Having a formal history over 1000 years old, and undeciphered records going back further, the land of Sepelias has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms and races.

A new force has arrived in the Dark Hills, a young green dragon who has been laying a network, undetected for some time. This dragon has recently taken the lives of several adventurers, but has not kept them. In return for their lives, the adventurers now owe the dragon their services.

How long can the dragon hope to keep the adventurers under its claw? How long will it take for them to become powerful enough to throw off their shackles? Did they really have anything better to do anyway?

Welcome to the land of Sepelias!
Join us, would you?

Sepelias Undone